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Comments (19)

Anonymous picture

Jesus when the old ladies came out and waved their scarves around on the alter like the geriatric gymnastics team that was enough to make me go running back into the woods.

Anonymous picture

loved the movie (thought it was going to be 'fake' at first cuz their clothes were way too clean). ...the end reminded me of "The Road" by Cormac McCarthy; father and child who only had each other are separated by death in The Road and by mental illness in this story. In both stories the ...Read more

Anonymous picture

This movie is the film maker's idea of what would happen "if" the daughter chose to stay within a society (outsiders/fringes). The movie does not portray the truth because no one really knows what happened to them after they left the first family (Christmas tree business)...except that they ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Lovely woods. Naturalistic filmmaking, but everyone is so kind, it doesn't seem realistic, that and a few other details. Does depict the serious societal issue of vets and other damaged people living on the fringes.

J. P.  avatar
J. P.

America is filled with combat vets with PTSD, suicides and broken bodies and minds. One month ago, my brother died at age 71 due to stomach cancer. He went to Toronto rather Vietnam and I drove him there. Neither of us had any regrets...

Anonymous picture

I found the father's character flat, enigmatic, and uninteresting. Back story was confusing. How long had they been living in the forest? Because if it had been years the daughter would have been more dysfunctional. She came across as wise, and worldly. The ending was strange. He needed help ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Great Movie ! Kept our interest all thru the movie.

Anonymous picture

Loved the slow pace and beautiful forests. Good story.

Anonymous picture

I also live outdoors and enjoy. I have seen the beauty of the place that this was filmed in and other places too. I liked this movie and felt that it was done well. bob

Melissa Adylia avatar
Melissa Adylia

I am surprised by how much I enjoyed this movie. Very well done.

Anonymous picture

very good movie

kanopy33 avatar

Not bad, nice to catch a decent movie after a series of blunders.

Anonymous picture

No Hollywood garbage film...this is the best film I've seen in years. Pure quality. Great absorbed....related to my off the grid experience. Bravo.

Anonymous picture

This is a precious love story. It is a portrayal of the love a father has for his daughter, and that the daughter has for her father (all very healthy and appropriate). He takes care of her and she takes care of him. In the end, they both have to make very painful choices when they both ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Profound the untold story of impact of combat and war long after one returns to daily life, so quietly and beautifully portrayed, acted and photographed you can feel the stark contrast wilderness and urban life

Anonymous picture

I liked it!

Brian avatar

That kinda living is rough,but my hats off to anyone that does it. Good Movie.

Anonymous picture

Nice Movie!

Anonymous picture

Not everyone could live out in the woods....simple things like a bad fall could kill could die of cold or being too wet or not knowing eough to live off the lifespan would probably be shorter
than trying to survive on the streets of many American cities as ...Read more