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A Man Called Ove
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A Man Called Ove
En Man Som Heter Ove

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Comments (8)

Anonymous picture

What a wonderfully, tender movie. Truly enjoyed it. Read the book and cried when it ended. Hannes Holm really captured the tenderness and love in the book.

Anonymous picture

Love this film. Excellent.

Anonymous picture

Definitely a movie that cannot be missed by anyone at any age. One of the best we have seen.

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Anonymous picture

A great movie!!!!!!

Anonymous picture

Leeta of Mobile: You so perfectly captured the essence of this wonderful film in one short sentence! I hope everyone who sees this is as moved as I was and recommends it to their friends. Bravo, Hannes Holm!

Anonymous picture

Brilliant. The combination of sadness and humor was beautiful.

Leeta avatar

I listened to the audio book then was able to rent the movie - the movie follows the book right on! This is a touching story about love, friendship and new beginnings. It does have some very 'great' comic moments :) I highly recommend this movie.